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ANTI-SLIP SOCKS are a specific footwear for postural activities.

It is an indispensable product to perfectly perform the activity in total safety, guaranteeing a better performance during the exercise

ANTI-SLIP SOCKS differ in their unique characteristics;

  • the fabric made to adhere perfectly to the foot, preventing it from moving during exercise;
  • the inner sole (TOUCH REFLECTION) to stimulate the sole of the foot, made with mixtures of copper powder;
  • the back part that incorporates the structure of the foot for better adhesion and protection;
  • the non-slip sole TECNOLOGY PRINTING SYSTEM (for dry floors) and TECNOLOGY FLOCKING SOLUTION (for wet floors) guarantees the perfect accompaniment of all phases of the natural movement of the foot.

The anti-slip SOCKS are also a product of antibacterial material, has an anti-tear point and is anti-odor or has a weave of breathable fabric in order to reduce moisture and keep the feet drier during exercise.

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