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BARREL TPE TRADITIONAL PILATES EQUIPMENT is a classic tool of the Pilates method. The sturdiness of the wood used for the frame of this tool has allowed it to give it a personalized shape that in addition to characterizing it in the design creates a good grip comfortable in use.

The adjustment of the BARREL TPE TRADITIONAL PILATES EQUIPMENT, on the wooden rails, takes place by blocking / releasing two side knobs. Allows easy and quick adjustments. The comfortable upper padding allows you to perform the exercises always with maximum comfort.

It is stable on every floor thanks to the four large and non-slip rubber feet.

The upper stick made of beech wood, painted with high-strength and scratch-resistant textured paint, can be removed.

The BARREL TPE TRADITIONAL PILATES EQUIPMENT like all our products, is designed to have all the safety features both active and passive necessary to be able to use it in complete tranquility and full comfort, including:

  • rounded edges that improve passive safety avoiding damage in case of collisions.
  • frame structure in multilayered beech wood and increased. They are designed to withstand greater loads than normal use;
  •  grips obtained from the wood of the side shoulders
  • Wood protected with high strength textured water paint that does not release solvents into the environment;
  • Metal details made of stainless steel.

The BARREL TPE TRADITIONAL PILATES EQUIPMENT is covered by a guarantee according to the regulations in force in the country in which it is sold. Together with the purchased tool, the use and warranty booklet is delivered.


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