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Chair TPE Traditional Pilates Equipment

The TPE Traditional Pilates Equipment Chair has rectangular shaped side work that makes it unique in its design; it is covered in fireproof eco-leather and can be customized in color.

The Chair TPE Traditional Pilates Equipment is stable on every floor thanks to the non-slip rubber feet; has two locking and unlockable pedals.

This tool has manual pins to quickly adjust the height and distance of the handles. The sliding of the lateral handles takes place on delrin bushings; has 4 steel springs that combined between lotus give life to various resistances.

The  Chair TPE Traditional Pilates Equipment is made of stainless steel and beech lamellar painted with high-strength scratch-resistant water-based paint. The Chair TPE Traditional Pilates Equipment  is made of stainless steel and varnished beech laminar with high resistance scratch-resistant water paint Length: 77 cm
Height: 63 cm
Depth: 60 cm




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