Pedi Pole First Line

Pedi Pole First Line

The Pedi Pole First Line is a tool formed by a pole that ends with a T, from which two springs hang to which two handles are attached.

It was created by J. Pilates to help an opera singer to enhance his vocal performance. In fact, the exercises not only correct alignment and therefore posture, but significantly improve breathing control.

The Pedi Pole First Line post is fixed in a small beech lamellar platform; it represents the vertebral column and is used by supporting the body against and grabbing the two handles attached to the springs.

The exercises that can be done are of resistance to the arms, thanks to the two springs of balance, strengthening the center and toning the legs.

It is entirely produced in stainless steel, aluminum and laminated beech with scratchproof textured water-based paint.

It has non-slip feet and padded handles.

This tool is guaranteed for life against production defects. The World Pilates holds training courses for using this tool.

The Pedi pole is made of beech laminar and stainless steel; the springs are in harmonic steel.

Height: 216 cm

Base: 50×50 cm

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