Reformer Flexible Piuma Line

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Reformer Flexible Piuma Line

The Reformer Flexible  Piuma Line is an ideal professional tool for those Instructors who have the need to carry it to the clients’  houses, or for those centers that have the need of multi-purpose rooms that you can set up for Pilates classes with one or more Reformer, which can be stowed vertically against the wall, easily freeing the room for other types of lessons;

The Reformer Flexible Piuma Line:

  • is very robust and light, thanks to extensive use of aluminum and other high quality materials;
  • it can be closed and opened very easily;
  • it has a great smooth sliding table;
  • the resistance is given by four springs (three strong springs and an average spring, and the combination of those is able to satisfy anyone’s needs);
  • cable length adjustment is obtained thanks to the cleat nautical origin.

The Reformer Flexible Piuma Line has an adjustable footbar with 5 positions, and a central hinge that provides excellent structural strength when the Reformer is open. In the front footrest is placed a non-slip rubber insert. The synthetic leather is fireproof and is customizable in color. The soft shoulder rests are removable.

The Reformer flexible Piuma Line is very robust and lightweight thanks to the wide use of aluminum and other high quality materials. An anti-slip rubber insert is inserted in the front pedal. The eco-leather is flame-retardant and can be customized in colors.

Length: 215 cm

Height: cm 16/48

Width: 58 cm

Weight: kg 25

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