Reformer Pilates First Line

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Reformer Pilates First Line

The Reformer Pilates First Line, you can have it with a standard height of 30 cm, or 60 cm high as the Cadillac, for greater ease of use.

This tool allows you to do all the exercises of the Reformer and many of the Cadillac.

Thanks to its structure with the increased base of support, with respect to the frame, has a superior stability to any other similar tool.

The Reformer Pilates First Line, like all our products, is designed to have all the features, active and passive, necessary to use it in the most complete safety, including:

  • in the movements of the levers it is present the cut-resistant space required;
  • padded safety straps;
  • rounded edges;
  • oversized frames structures, designed to withstand higher loads compared to normal use;
  • of increased support base for a better stability.

It has many unique details of this top line:

  • headrest and removable shoulder;
  • L-padded shoulder rests both on the front side than on the top;
  • increased padding;
  • padded straps;
  • a pair of soft handles;
  • a pair of double handles;
  • adjustable springs attacks;
  • stainless steel;

Accessories applicable to the Reformer Pilates First Line:

  • Box;
  • Jump Board;
  • Foot Stopper;
  • Seat extension,
  • System Mat Converter lightweight and quick to apply to transform it quickly in a single plane;
  • it is possible to apply a series of extension kit to transform it into LUNICA combined (Cadillac – Reformer – Chair.)
The Reformer Pilates First Line is produced in:

  • Stainless steel;
  • Plywood beech is painted with high resistant scratch-resistant water-based paint;
  • Delrin, for better smoothness;
  • Fireproof synthetic leather, customizable in color.
Length: 235 cm
Height: 35/62 cm
Depth: 70/90 cm