• tpe reformer

Reformer TPE Traditional Pilates Equipment has a simple and essential line but at the same time very functional.

The TPE Traditional Pilates Equipment Reformer is made of high quality materials such as hardwood and stainless steel.

It is covered with customizable fireproof eco-leather, like all our equipment, in color.

The trolley is composed of 5 springs of various strengths to customize the exercises. The footbar is covered with an anti-slip material that allows greater comfort in use.

The cable length adjustment of the Reformer TPE Traditional Pilates Equipment is achieved thanks to the cleats of nautical origin.

An anti-slip rubber insert is inserted in the front foot plate.
The TPE Traditional Pilates Equipment is made of stainless steel; lamellar beech varnished with scratch-resistant high resistance water-based paint, and fireproof eco-leather customizable in color.
Height: 35 / 65cm

Depth: 70 / 90cm

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