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Springboard is made of high-thickness beech plywood, and stainless steel and it’s painted with scratch-resistant water. It comes with 4 springs, two pairs of handles including a pair of padded pads and a double pair, 11 pairs of stainless steel rings, Roll Bar and Foot Bar in wood or stainless steel, 8 stainless steel carabiners. The Springboard Pilates is a professional tool with lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects, 100% Italian product and handcrafted.

It can be fixed to the wall with 6 or more dowels suitable for the supporting wall.

It is a tool that can be used for standing, sitting or lying down. It allows many of the Cadillac exercises to fit your legs, bust and arms. Its many options for adjusting traction points and loads make it usable by adults, the elderly, and even young people.

Great at home, in studio, in physiotherapy centers, for individual lessons or group work in multi-purpose halls, where you can attack a series of Springboards directly on the wall, which, when not used, do not take up space, allowing To use space for other activities as well.

The Springboard is produced in beech plywood (20mm thickness), painted with scratch-resistant water-based paint.
It has supplied:

  • four springs;
  • one pair of padded handles, and one pair of double handles;
  • eleven pairs of rings;
  • Roll Bar;
  • eight carabiners.
Height: cm 178
Weight: cm 58

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