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The Wall Unit is a tool of the Pilates method with which you can play part of the Cadillac program.

It has the advantage of being able to put the mat on the wall leaving free space for other activities. It is also possible to place a Reformer in place of the mat, thus arranging a Reformer with Tower to have a lower cost than a Cadillac.


The main materials used to build the Wall Unit are: stainless steel, beech plywood, derlin, fireproof eco-leather, harmonic steel.

Measurements: Height 200 cm, Width Max 90 cm

Measurements mat: cm 60 x200 h.10

Measures two mini Mat: cm 40x27x10

Weight: 40 kg

2 medium yellow springs, 2 light green springs; 2 padded handles, 2 triple handles.

The Wall Unit measures may have some variations depending on the set-ups.

World Pilates srl reserves the right to bring technical changes without notice.

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