The basic tool for your Pilates studio and your training is the Chair TPE traditional Pilates equipment.

You can perform all the exercises and the variations of the Pilates method applied to this tool with the best comfort, safety and stability.

Buy it or request information on this tool by calling us at 029522322 or sending an email to our address

You will receive all the useful information on the Chair TPE traditional Pilates equipment and a possible quote. Our tools are fully idealized and produced in Italy by our company.

The TPE traditional Pilates equipment chair is produced in stainless steel and varnished lamellar with water-based varnish. It has a great resistance produced by 4 steel springs.

A particular feature that represents it is the rectangular shaped workings that make its unique design, has a seat covered with fireproof eco-leather that can be customized in color.

It is very stable on the floor thanks to its non-slip rubber feet. It has two lockable and unlockable pedals with a large padded surface and also covered in fireproof eco-leather.

The height and distance of the handles can be adjusted quickly and easily.

We are in Cassina De ‘Pecchi (MI), via Quartiere Aurelia, 76.

Here you can see for yourself our studio with all the Pilates tools. If you want, you can try them directly.

Before starting physical activity consult your doctor.

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