You are wondering first of all what pilates ring is.

The answer is very simple, imagine being able to tone, strengthen the muscles in depth and to firm up your body completely with this tool. You can do it easily, quickly and easily without stressing your body.

It is nothing more than a circle of resistance with two handles on the padded sides. The resistance can be developed by tightening the Pilates Ring or enlarging it.

Training with the Pilates Ring will not be boring and monotonous as you can perform numerous and varied exercises with this fantastic tool, depending on the muscles you will prefer to train. The intensity of the exercise will be at your choice.

You can place it between your hands to train the upper body, or you can place it between the legs to train the lower part.

The choice is yours alone!

This tool is also used in combination with the great Pilates tools to create variations of the basic exercises developed on them.

You will get excellent results and in addition use it will be really simple and affordable for everyone. Suitable for both sports professionals and for people who have decided to regain their fitness.

Not for anything else is called magic circle, or magic circle because it is really given its many benefits.

Do you want to try the Pilates Ring? You can contact us at 029522322 or send us an email to info@worldpilates.it writing your data, to request information.

Do not miss the chance to buy it and you can finally train and tone your body entirely in total comfort and ease.

Before starting physical activity consult your doctor.


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