Our company was founded in 1985 starting with the opening of a fitness center. The evolution that has had over the years has approached almost immediately to the Pilates method. After years of study and research of the Pilates method and equipment design specifications, on January 1 2007, has been opened the Pilates industry, with the Mission to give support to all those people, amateurs or professionals passionate of Pilates method, providing all the necessary tools to practice it and spread it: training, support, equipment and technology.


Antonio Giliberti:
Administrator World Pilates Ltd and Chairman World Pilates Asd. In 1989 he came into contact with the Pilates Method in the first center of Milan. In 2000 starts the Pilates project. Founder of World Pilates; designer and manufacturer of equipment for Pilates; holder of patents: extender “Relief” (designed to work on lengthening the column) and the combined “LUNICA” bringing together in one machine 3 Pilates tools (Reformer, Cadillac and Chair), President of the World Pilates ® asd; co-author of the training manual for World Pilates ® teachers; Pilates Matwork and Pilates Studio Instructor. Other general information related to the fitness world:
He has practiced the following sports: Pilates, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do – black belt -, body building, Kick Boxing – black belt -, Muay Thai – black belt -, some as competitive athlete; he is Instructor of Pilates, Body Building, Kick Boxe, Thai Boxe, Spinnig and Boxe. Sports massage therapist and expert in sport electrostimulation.

Luana Giliberti:
Councillor World Pilates ® Ltd. and World Pilates Asd, co-author and coordinator of the training manual for World Pilates ® teachers; Pilates Master Teacher; President of Aicowed; italian Country Representative for the Worldcdf; National Technical responsible for the areas of country line dance/country & western dance of CSEN (Educational National Sports Committee); lecturer, teacher and judge examiner for the ANMB; bronze/silver/gold level Acsi for the country field. Dancer world champion.

Susanna Talloru:
Councillor World Pilates ® Ltd. and Vice president World Pilates Asd, Pilates Master Teacher, Personal Trainer, Instructor of Step and Aerobics; expert in sport electrostimulation.

Susanna Malenchini:
Pilates Master Teacher Pilates; Dancer.

Elena Lorenzi:
Pilates Master Teacher.

Valeria Di Clemente:
Pilates Master Teacher; Dancer; Dance Teacher.

Raffaella Pontiggia:
Pilates Teacher; Instructor of aerobics, hip hop and step; Masseur and Chief Lifeguard of hydrotherapy facilities.

Vittoria Dettori:
Pilates Teacher.

Stella Passalacqua:
Pilates Teacher.