Course free tractions back with Writer relief

Practical theoretical training course for using the back extensor relief extender.

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By simply using the weight of the body and thanks to the force of gravity and the forces developed in relation to the angle of the body’s levers, it allows:

  • to pull back;
  •  the extension of the musculoskeletal system of the back both on a monolateral and bilaterally basis;
  • to tone the dorsal / lumbar and abdominal muscles reducing the compressive loads on the vertebrae;
  • to perform functional assessment tests of the back;
  • follow specific programs to work on correcting scoliotic postures.


  • allows you to perform back tractions;
  • uses the principles of the Pilates methodology;
  • combines technology, quality and effectiveness;
  • allows you to spread the column in its entirety and in maximum security;
  • offers the possibility of doing back tractions even at home and whenever you feel the need;
  • allows a gradual but decisive distension, guaranteeing an excellent alignment of the column;
  • it is extremely easy and convenient to use;
  • thanks to a traction carried out correctly, it contributes, with its constant use, to relieving tension and discomfort in the back;
  • helps to strengthen the abdomen, the back and the lumbar region;
  • facilitates the mobilization of the shoulder joint;
  • allows you to acquire a more correct posture;
  • allows you to perform an excellent job of stretching the column while maintaining a correct alignment of the shoulders / pelvis;
  • contributes to the maintenance of a strong and healthy back;
  • allows you to tone most of the muscles in the body;
  • offers the possibility of carrying out tests to assess the maximum extension of the back and the progress obtained using the tool regularly.


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