The Cadillac TPE traditional pilates equipment is a professional machine that allows you to train your whole body.

You will have the opportunity to perform different exercises using this fantastic tool.

The Cadillac TPE traditional pilates equipment can be used safely, comfortably and in total tranquility thanks to its stability, rounded corners and safety straps.

It is produced in beech plywood, painted with scratchproof textured water, in satin stainless steel and faux leather.

The height of the floor is 60 cm but if desired it can be produced with a different height.

It has unique characteristics of this line because it has a comfortable padding, padded straps, a pair of soft handles and a pair of double handles.

It is possible to apply optional accessories including the foot stopper and the sitting extender.

What are you waiting for to try and buy the Cadillac TPE traditional pilates equipment for your Pilates studio?

Ask us for information on 029522322 or send an email to indicating your details and you will be contacted immediately.

You will receive all the information you have requested.

Come and visit us at our headquarters in Cassina De ‘Pecchi (MI), Via Quartiere Aurelia, 76. You will see our shoowroom with all our tools.

Before starting physical activity consult your doctor.

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