Dates of exams Pilates’s Teachers

Exam dates for Pilates teachers:

Saturday 13 January 2018 at 9.30
Saturday 10 February 2018 at 9.30
position: Cassina De ‘Pecchi

PERFORMANCE OF EXAMS FOR PILATES                                     TEACHERS

The exam takes place in one day: written, oral, practical, lasting one day.

The reservation is mandatory and must be confirmed with a minimum of 7 days in advance from the date of the exam to which you want to participate.

The student will have to present at the exam site:

  • 15 minutes early from the beginning of the exam;
  • must wear suitable Pilates sports clothing, comfortable but tight, with specific non-slip shoes;
  • all the documentation in order including the medical certificate of fitness for non-competitive sporting practice;
  • with digestion terminated and without being fasting for too many hours.

The student can cancel his / her participation in the exam, but the cancellation must arrive with a minimum of ten days from the date of the booked examination, in case the exam is canceled within ten days before the exam, the exam is considered successful, the exam can be repeated by paying the registration to another exam.

By passing the exam you get the certification as a Pilates Teacher of the World Pilates Method of the Exam Level passed.

In case of non-passing of the exam tests it is possible to repeat the same after a minimum of 30 days.
There is a maximum time of 6 months to support the first exam test from the date of the end of the course attended.


  • Having participated in the whole training course, only 10% of the hours of the course are admitted on condition that, the topics covered in that time of absence have been recovered during the days of the course dedicated to the review;
  • Have completed a minimum of 16 hours, from the end of the course, practice-internship, certified by a Pilates center or self-certified, in case of possession of the specific equipment that is part of the examination that must be supported;
  • be up to date with the renewal of the annual membership.


It will be based only on the specific manual of the course followed.

The exam is structured in three parts:

  • First written part, a questionnaire will be provided with multiple answers to be answered by marking the right answers;
  • Second oral theoretical part where the possible wrong answers of the written questionnaire will be reviewed;
  • Third practical part, where you will be asked: explain some exercises as if you were teaching and lastly the execution of the same exercises.



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