If you need to use equipment without having to buy it and you are a VAT holder or you have an association with tax code, the operating rental is the one for you!

You can have this operation for a contractual period of 24, 30, 36, 40 or 60 months.

 At the end of this period, what to do will decide you; you can replace the equipment with a new one, or you can choose to make the equipment.

The operating rental is designed specifically for situations in which it is more important to have available equipment in good working order rather than acquired over time the title of ownership.

You will have many advantages: as far as the financial aspect is concerned, there is no capital immobilisation, it solves the problems of cash flow or budget and liquidity and the costs are certain and planned.

On the fiscal aspect, however, there are no amortization and the paid installment is a pure operating cost as such fully deductible. The fee is deductible for IRAP purposes.

The operating rental allows not to weigh down the company’s balance sheet as the assets are not recorded in the books.

The flexibility of the product allows you to customize the characteristics of the contract.

On the contract must be accompanied by an insurance that covers the property object against any damage.

For more information you can contact us at 029522322 or send an email to info@worldpilates.it

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