Pilates equipment produced by the World Pilates

Since the World Pilates began to market and produce Pilates equipment?

The origins of World Pilates Ltd. as a company have more than thirty years at the beginning was a gym dedicated to fitness and wellness, technologically advanced.

For over ten years it provides to professionals and to private Pilates equipment.

Gears of World Pilates are offered in three professional lines and specific dedicated to pilates plus many accessories for the furniture, such as the reception counter and the specific locker pilates studios.
They are of the highest quality and updated periodically through research continues to which they are dedicated significant investments.

The World Pilates also has exclusive patented products.

The World Pilates srl is a dynamic evolving with the aim of expanding abroad, where for some years selling equipment Pilates.

The World Pilates srl studies, designs and manufactures its machines with great care, before being sold each apparatus is assembled and tested; only after passing a series of tests, the equipment is packed and delivered to its recipient.
The equipment can be shipped by courier with mounting at the customer or they can also be delivered and installed directly into the premises of the customer Pilates studio.

Thanks to the care with which they produce the Pilates equipment, to their excellent value for money the World Pilates Ltd, continues to receive more and more support by both professional users and private individuals.

In addition to Pilates equipment, the Pilates World Ltd. holds training courses for Pilates teachers that are conducted in some Italian cities, the main ones being Milan, Florence and Ragusa.

The World Pilates provides an advisory service to create, equip, furnish and manage a Pilates studio from scratch, easily surpassing situations, new business owner can seem insurmountable.

The World Pilates srl can also provide promotional and advertising material, such as shirts, brochures, posters, banners, cards, ec

The consulting leads to optimize the service offered by the service Pilates studio to the final customer and make more profitable the study.