Training course for Wallmat Pilates teachers

Training course for Wallmat Pilates teachers

Have you ever tried to teach Pilates on the Wallmat? If the answer is no, this is why you’re still wondering why you should sign up for this training course.

Imagine being able to work freely with your body in space, having the ability to give independent resistance to each limb. This resistance can help you to acquire more fluency and agility by performing a stretching action or to oppose your strength by improving your muscle tone and your stamina; all this in positions of precarious balance that improve your concentration, your balance and your posture.

The objective of this basic level course is to teach you how to perform the exercises starting from a basic and therefore simple to a more complex execution.

The exercises taken into consideration will be carried out both standing and lying down with the Wallmat Pilates resting on the ground and held upright. Some exercises will also be studied with specific accessories for some sports: dance bars; paddle for the canoe; rackets for cross-country skiing or walking; golf-club…

The training course for Wallmat Pilates teachers will take place on 1 and 2 December 2018 at our Cassina De ‘Pecchi headquarters in Via Quartiere Aurelia, 76 (MI).

Exclusively anyone who participates in the first training course for Wallmat Pilates teachers will have the opportunity to purchase one or more Wallmat Pilates at a reduced price.

Hurry up and book your place for the first training course for Wallmat Pilates teachers.

You can contact us by phone at 029522322 or 3357682562 or if you prefer to send an email to indicating your data.

This course will enrich and expand Pilates classes.



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