Training courses program for World Pilates ® Pilates instructors is based on the original principles of J.H. Pilates technique integrated with current medical-scientific concepts and principles.

During training you will learn to:

Analysis of Pilates exercises based on biomechanics and its practical application to understand the anatomical reasoning implied (apply the Pilates principles to each exercise knowing both the biomechanics and anatomical elements necessary for proper performance);

Practice of running exercises;

Tools management;

Conversion of postural analysis into a personalized and efficient work program for each client, and in the management of group lessons:

Exercise selection;

Type of lesson choice (individual, group, track);

Progress level;



Develop the teaching skills of the World Pilates ® technique:

Verbal and tactile communication (position, tone of voice, pace of the lesson);

Use of mental visualizations;

Lesson settings (lighting, music, essences).


Structure of the program of training courses for Pilates instructor, method World Pilates ®

The courses are offered in modules divided into levels:

INTRODUCTION: general anatomy and biomechanics, Pilates principles, history of J.H. Pilates technique, customer typology and main benefits.
BASE: basic level exercises of matwork, reformer, cadillac, big barrel, step barrel, chair.
INTERMEDIATE: intermediate level exercises of matwork, reformer, cadillac, big barrel, step barrel, chair.
ADVANCED: advanced level exercises of matwork, reformer, cadillac, big barrel, step barrel, chair.

Each level offers a wide repertoire of exercises both on the ground (matwork) and all the great Pilates apparatus (reformer, cadillac, chair, barrel, step barrel)

This way, each World Pilates instructor, just after the completion of the introductory + base modules, will be able to manage a complete exercise program of all Pilates equipment (base level), which can then deepen with intermediate and advanced modules. This program methodology, therefore, allows the launch and activation of a World Pilates® center quickly providing good basic technical competence and a continuous support (practice day), producing immediate job opportunities.

The course includes a theoretical part and a practical one, developed both to learn the proper execution of Pilates exercises, and to learn the right teaching technique to use with future clients.

For this reason, during the course, each participant will experience alternately the role of instructor, client and also observer.

At the end of each level there is a theoretical and a practical examination on the contents of the course.

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