Wallmat Pilates

Wallmat Pilates is a tool entirely designed, patented and built by our company and therefore 100% MADE IN ITALY!

We have designed and built a practical, lightweight, durable tool that can be used for many exercises and in both positions, vertical to the wall and horizontal to the floor. Precisely for this exceptional characteristics it is possible to develop training programs for every type of user; from motor rehabilitation to programs for professional athletes either in individual jobs or in group classes.

On the Wallmat Pilates it is possible to make work programs in two or more people on the same tool favoring the healthy competition that makes better results that especially in the young leads to relate and interact.

With Wallmat Pilates you can perform slow or even explosive movements; in order to simulate the athletic gestures of any sport, from golf to baseball, etc.

This favors the approach of the athletes to the indor training; giving him the opportunity to perform training with specific athletic gestures, throughout the year regardless of favorable weather conditions or not.

To make it move easily it is equipped with two wheels and two handles. It is mainly built in aluminum, stainless steel and in fireproof eco-leather that can be customized in the colors.

The dimensions are 240 cm by 70 cm with a height of 40 cm.

In addition to the classical Pilates method, with which it was born, other training techniques can be applied to this tool.

The internal resistance is given by pre-loadable harmonic steel springs or replaceable with others of different intensities. The useful stroke of the movement is over 3m and allows any kind of slow, controlled and even explosive athletic gesture.

It is supplied with a plate to be fixed to the wall in order to be able to position the tool vertically in a simple and safe way.

Some accessories can be applied to the Wallmat Pilates including: dance bars, tools that simulate tennis rackets and simulate walking.

Order it immediately by calling 029522322 or sending an email to info@worldpilates.it indicating all the data name and email address

Hurry up to reserve your place for the first Pilates teacher training course that will be used to expand and enrich Pilates classes, will be held on December 1st and 2nd 2018. Anyone participating in the Pilates teacher training course will have the opportunity to purchase a Wallmat Pilates at a reduced price!

Before starting physical activity consult your doctor.

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