In order to store your Pilates tools and keep them tidy, you can purchase our wardrobe for Pilates tools custom.

The choice of how to buy it is yours alone!

You can decide to receive it empty or contrarily with a personalized supply of small tools from Pilates.

It can hold 8 rings, 8 foam rollers, 8 folding mats, 28 springs, 8 disc’o ‘sit and many other tools.

The wardrobe for Pilates tools custom is made of laminated beech and mirror polished stainless steel.

It is painted with anti-scratch water-based paint to avoid releasing solvents into the air.

It is handmade and therefore handcrafted and it is an investment made to last over time. It has five years warranty

Call us at 029522322 or send us an email to info@worldpilates.it and you will have the wardrobe for Pilates tools custom.

Being treated in every detail even in the back, you can also use it as a partition.

Come and visit our headquarters in Cassina De ‘Pecchi (MI), Via Quartiere Aurelia, 76.

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